About the case

The student approached iStudent Complaints advising that they had withdrawn from their course. They enrolled with another provider and requested a refund. The provider declined the refund as the student was well past the refund period and extensive pastoral care had been provided to the student.

How we helped

No resolution was reached through iStudent Complaint’s initial facilitation stage, so both parties proceeded to meet in mediation. In mediation the provider was able to clarify the refund policy, and it emerged that the student had not understood the policy in the way it was intended. The student also shared their academic hopes and the provider identified that while a limited refund was available, they could offer other course options that might suit the student in reaching their goal. As a result, they agreed that the provider and student would meet again and look in more detail at the other qualifications the Provider offered, and the Provider agreed to allow the student to return to study.


The student accepted this as a resolution.