About the case

A student enrolled with a Private Training Establishment (PTE) with the hopes of advancing her skill set. However, weeks before she was due to start, she was offered a job opportunity that she decided she could not turn down. Because of this change in her personal situation, she withdrew from the PTE and requested a refund. The provider refunded her tuition fee but retained 25% for administrative fees. The student felt it was unfair to maintain so much of her fees as she had not started her course. She came to iStudent Complaints seeking assistance but felt her English language capability would hinder the process. We discussed assistance options and she decided to use an appropriate support person who she felt comfortable with to aid her. 

How we helped

The Resolution Coordinator helped the parties better understand the dispute by clarifying what information would provide more insight into how the provider calculated the deduction rate and the purpose behind the policy. The student also shared what they considered a fair amount and why. Facilitation was arranged so the parties could further negotiate on a fair figure.


Just before the facilitated meeting, the school re-examined the breakdown of charges and found they could provide an additional refund to the student as a resolution to the complaint. The student accepted the offer of a further refund, and the matter was closed as resolved.