Castlepoint is a small beach town situated northeast of Masterton, 130 km away from Wellington. It is a spectacular site along the Wairarapa coastline. Not only is it famous for its stunning lighthouse which first lit in 1913, it is also a popular beach holiday destination with loads to do in the area.

During your stay at Castlepoint you can explore the fossil-rich limestone reef, walk up the steps to the lighthouse or stroll along the long beach. The area also offers undisturbed nature with several species of dolphin, fur seals, and occasional small whale species visiting the area. If you are a bird lover or you would be spoiled looking at red-billed gulls, white-fronted terns, black shags, red herons and black-backed gulls. Castlepoint also offers a lot in terms of bush walks. It’s a great place for outdoor lovers to spend a weekend exploring.

There are a few options when it comes to accommodation. Castlepoint Holiday Park and Motels has a mixture of motel units, group houses, cabins and camping spaces to suit student budgets. You can also visit Whakatiki Hotel to enjoy a pub lunch.

More about Castlepoint can be found here -  Castlepoint - Tourism information from Destination Wairarapa (

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