About the case

As a result of the newly implemented COVID-19 vaccine mandates, an unvaccinated student was no longer able to attend their practical studies. Due to their student visa’s attendance obligations, the student was facing attendance warnings and the possibility of the termination of their enrolment. The student decided to withdraw from their enrolment and seek a refund, which was denied by the Private Training Establishment (PTE). The student then approached iStudent Complaints for assistance with the matter.

How we helped

The Resolution Coordinator collated a large amount of information from the student and the PTE regarding the ongoing dispute. Identifying the potential for an early resolution, the Resolution Coordinator facilitated a discussion between the parties before the matter was referred to adjudication.

During the facilitated discussion, the parties had ample opportunity to convey their respective positions which allowed the parties to understand one another on a level that was previously unachievable. The facilitated discussion also allowed the parties to have control over the outcome and the parties used this opportunity to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome given the circumstances.


The student and PTE reached an arrangement whereby the student is able to continue their enrolment and work towards the completion of their qualification as much as possible given the mandate requirements, and will leave open the practical subjects in case the student chooses to get vaccinated or the mandates are dropped.