About us

We are a free and independent service to help resolve disputes involving international students or domestic tertiary learners and their New Zealand education providers.

We provide a process that empowers students and providers to resolve matters early and through consensual means where possible. Our aim is to meet the needs of learners studying in Aotearoa, ensuring that they have a voice in the process and that their mana, identity and wellbeing is prioritised. If they are unable to reach an agreed outcome, our service can provide finality through adjudication where a binding decision is issued.

Our background

Study Complaints | Ngā Amuamu Tauira is part of FairWay Resolution Limited (Fair Way), New Zealand’s largest specialist dispute resolution organisation. Fair Way’s team of expert Resolution Coordinators and Resolution Practitioners are behind the service.

Between 2016 and 2023, Fair Way provided iStudent Complaints, a dispute resolution scheme for international students.

In 2023, the Minister of Education appointed Fair Way as the operator of the new combined Domestic Tertiary Student and International Student Contract Dispute Resolution Scheme, established by the Education and Training 2020 Act. Under the name Study Complaints | Ngā Amuamu Tauira, Fair Way provides this new combined service, following the Education (Domestic Tertiary Student and International Student Contract Dispute Resolution Scheme) Rules 2023.

Our brand

Our logo design reuses established elements of the Fair Way logo and develops them into a new visual idea.

Each Koru-like element represents a different party - the student, their education provider, and Study Complaints | Ngā Amuamu Tauira - as they connect to each other. By bringing them together into this formation the logo mark becomes an arrow symbolising parties coming together to find a pathway forward. The logo mark aligns right to continue the ideas of progression introduced by the logo mark.

Overall the balance of this design creates a sense of fairness and equality amongst parties.