About the case

A student called iStudent Complaints requesting help as they wanted a refund from their provider.  The student felt that due to their mental health issues it would be best for them to leave New Zealand and return to their home country. The student was distressed and anxious, and wanted to book a flight home as soon as possible, but did not know how to apply for a refund. She was also worried that if she left the country, she would not be able to get the refund later. The student had contacted the provider but had not yet received a reply.


How we helped

The Resolution Coordinator helped the student find out what the proper internal process for withdrawing and getting a refund was. Furthermore, the Resolution Coordinator helped the student get in touch with wellbeing support in New Zealand to ensure that they were safe while the Resolution Coordinator liaised with the education provider. The Provider and Resolution Coordinator worked together to help the student comply with the internal process. This included completing the necessary administrative steps as well as meeting with a counsellor as the withdrawal was due to mental health reasons. With the assistance of the Resolution Coordinator and the provider, it became possible for the student to speak with a counsellor and complete all relevant paperwork within the day.


The student returned safely to their home country and was able to get a refund for the remainder of the course.